Welcome to the shit show

Life is full of up’s and downs, walk with me through mine, I hope it reaches you exactly where it needs too. Whether you’re going through similar situations, feelings, or you just need to read someone else’s disaster for a while. Welcome. Strap in & enjoy the ride.

From the blog

  • Present
    I haven’t been feeling very present lately. I feel like I’m physically where I’m supposed to be at all the appropriate times but I don’t feel like I’m here mentally. I feel like an avatar moving around in a sim game. I’m doing all the motions and saying all the words but I’m more consumedContinue reading “Present”
  • Resigned
    Today I submitted my resignation to my fulltime job at the landfill. It was nerve wreaking at first but after I typed it up and sent it to someone else and read it outloud it just felt right. I felt a little skin prickly about it first with my anxiety but after a short periodContinue reading “Resigned”
  • Determined
    I’m utterly determined to make the rest of the evening and tomorrow great. I’m pushing all of the stress the back of my mind. All of the things that happened this week and last week. All of my choices. All of the things I need to do. I’m doing daughters fifth birthday party tomorrow. We’reContinue reading “Determined”

Posting for the real people, with real lives. Your average Joe’s and Jane’s.

About Me

I’m jessie, I’m twenty five and this is life. Real, nitty gritty life. Im a single mom and a giant mess. Messy jessie. Life is not always beautiful, it’s not Instagram pictures and perfect Facebook posts. Life is messy. Unruly and untamed. My life is a Beautiful disaster. I’ve been known to be too honest. Brutally honest. I’m quite unfiltered, out spoken and a bit of a pain in the ass. Follow me through this messy life of mine and I hope in someway it helps you too.

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